Our dedicated staff are here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life.

Franklin O. McCulley President and Mortuary Science Practitioner
Madai Felipe Miranda Receptionist and Funeral Director Apprentice
Damaris Rodriguez Professional Preneed and Financial Broker
Adrian Mota Pre-Need Specialist
Henry (Tyrone) Yates Live Stream Technician, Minister and Apprentice Funeral Director
Julissa Vega Manager and Funeral Director
Vero Hickson Funeral Director

Franklin O. McCulley

President and Mortuary Science Practitioner

Frank was born to Charlie and Petra McCulley in Panama City, Panama, and was raised in Pueblo, Colorado where his parents owned and operated a local Funeral Home. Frank experienced the funeral service business from an early age.  At 12, Frank’s passion for funeral services grew, and with the knowledge, guidance, and encouragement from his parents, he paved a way to follow his dreams. By 16, Frank performed his first assisted embalming.

Frank graduated from Pueblo Central High School in 1973.  After high school, he decided to join the United States Military and enlisted in the Navy. He honorably served during the Vietnam Conflict from 1973 to 1977.

Although he enjoyed serving his country, following his dreams of becoming a Funeral Director became his main focus. In 1984, Frank started at Lott's Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas as an embalmer. There he worked with them while attending Mortuary School at the Dallas Institute of Funeral Services. There he received his Associated Degree in Funeral Services in 1986. He continued his education and received his embalmer's license from the state of California in 1991.  Frank spent many years in California acquiring knowledge and experience by working for several funeral service companies. Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California was one of them. He also worked at Angelus Funeral Home in Los Angeles, California. A truly humbling experience came to Frank during his time as a Sub Contractor Embalmer for Schenk Professional Service. He had the honor and privilege of embalming William Conrad (Best known for his acting on the TV Series, Cannon) in Hollywood, California.

After years of hard work and dedication to his passion, Frank made his dreams a reality. In 1995, Frank became the Owner and President of Angelus Chapel Funeral Directors and Crematory Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he resides.

Frank believes in community and making his community better, because of that he is an active member of several highly recognized organizations in Colorado. He is a member of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado Funeral Directors Association, the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce, and The National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association. He currently serves as a Mason Brother at Pikes Peak Lodge #5. As a Military Veteran, he is honored to be a part of the Veterans of America Legion. Frank is also a proud and long-standing member of the NAACP.

Frank enjoys spending time with his Beloved Dog Bullet, traveling, swimming, meeting people, live concerts, and hiking. He firmly believes that what you choose to put out in the world is what comes back to you. After 25 years in the funeral service business, he is proof that if you truly want something, you must be willing to believe in yourself to achieve it.

Madai Felipe Miranda

Receptionist and Funeral Director Apprentice

 Madai Felipe, our dedicated receptionist and funeral director apprentice, is deeply  commited to helping those in need. Madai warmy welcomes families, assisting them in honoring their loved ones’ lives. She oversees services to ensure eveything goes smoothly, relieving families of added stress. Madai also lends her cosmetology skills to help families remember their loved ones as they were. 

When not at work, Madai loves traveling with her husband and puppies, hiking, camping, and film photography. A Lompoc, CA native who’s been part of our community for half her life, Madai’s dedication extends to volunteering in her free time. Her heart for service makes her an invaluable part of our team.

Damaris Rodriguez

Professional Preneed and Financial Broker

Cristiam best Known as Damaris is a Professional Preneed and Financial Broker helping families with Funeral Prearrangements, financial planning, Life insurance and securities products. She has been part of the Prearrangement industry for almost 4 years and is passionate about helping families have peace of mind when it comes to their final wishes. She loves what she does because what makes her career most rewarding are the smiles of those she meets along the way. Outside of work She serves in her local church and Loves God deeply, she loves to spend quality time with her Husband, kids and dogs, also loves to spend time with family and friends, to read, travel, eat, worship and pray. She was born and raised in Chihuahua Mexico and immigrated to the USA as a child, she has experienced the beauty of both cultures and languages. She is excited to serve our community honoring our pledge to serve every family as if they were our own.

Adrian Mota

Pre-Need Specialist

Adrian is a professional millennial who has worked in the insurance and financial planning field for the last years. Now specializing in prearrangement and final expense planning. He has found his passion. For him , there is no greater motivator than helping to protect and bring peace of mind to families and their future generations. He enjoys being highly involved in his local church, leading worship for his congregation through song and guitar. Family is also a priority in his life, spending ample amounts of quality time with his wife and his 3 kids. He is proud to be a Colorado Springs Native and looks forward to making an impact in his community. 

Henry (Tyrone) Yates

Live Stream Technician, Minister and Apprentice Funeral Director

Henry (Tyrone) Yates, began working at our organization as a streaming professional through his business, YPro Geeks. He also is a minister and an apprentice funeral director. Henry  officiates, leads the way and helps during services. He has since found his calling in helping families during the most difficult times in their lives. Mr. Yates is a lifelong resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also resided in other places due to the military. He is a veteran of the United States Army stationed at Fort Carson. After his retirement from active duty, he began in entrepreneurship, teaching IT at IntelliTec College and continued in Civil Services. He is a proud father of four children, grandfather of three and a fur dad to his dog, Lola. In his spare time, Henry loves to cook delicious breakfast for his family and friends. 


Julissa Vega

Manager and Funeral Director

In 2019, Julissa became the manager of our facility. She conducts the general matters of running Angelus, such as allocating expenses, handling marketing and public relations, and leading the staff.  She directs and supervises the work of the embalmers, funeral attendants, death certificate clerks, cosmetologists and other employees.

When acting as funeral director, Julissa consults with families and friends of the deceased to arrange funeral details, such as obituary notice, memory folders, casket selection and plans for services. She also schedules funerals, burials, memorial services, and cremations. Generally, she oversees the planning, organization, and management of all aspects of the funeral services.

Before devoting her work fulltime with us, Julissa served as a pharmacy technician, community activist, science teacher, college professor, park ranger, assistant principal, principal, trainer, writer and instructional coach in various organizations.

Julissa was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her biggest motivation is her family. Family is not an important thing for her it is everything. She completed her formal education and doctoral program in the Island of Enchantment and moved to USA due to her job. Julissa's native language is Spanish. 

In her free time, she likes hiking, taking pictures, cooking and spending time with her fur children, Milan Belford, Mabel Clare and Maxwell Songsu.


Vero Hickson

Funeral Director

Vero Hickson has been at Angelus Chapel Funeral Directors, Inc. for over 13 years. He is faithful, loyal, and a committed employee that puts his hands to whatever is needed at the time.

He assists with Cremations and also serve as a Funeral Director, Limousine driver, and the overall functions of the Business. He is a great team player and helps in comforting the grieving families in their time of loss.

Vero Hickson was born in South Carolina, graduated from Carver High School. He resides in Colorado Springs Colorado.